iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

As the iPhone 6 has come out, one of the most common questions is, “Is the iPhone 6 Plus worth the extra money?” Both phones are great and will work for nearly everyone but the iPhone 6 Plus does have some key advantages.

The iPhone 6 plus has better “retina display”. Due to the larger screen you’ll automatically hold the phone further from your face but even so, holding the phone up close the density is harder to see. Its higher resolution allows for full HD video and when placed beside the iPhone 6 the difference is extremely obvious. The graphics just look nicer. However, when not set side-by-side, the iPhone 6 still looks great on its own.

Size is all the rage in phones these days and the iPhone 6 Plus is no exception. The Plus dwarfs the iPhone 6. The phone measures a full 6.22 inches tall by 3.03 inches wide. Its large screen is perfect for stylus use and makes the iPhone closer to a phablet than a regular cell phone.

One of the nicest benefits of the iPhone 6 Plus is its ability to function seamlessly in both landscape and portrait. Being able to use the phone in landscape mode means that apps have been able to include additional functionality. In this way the phone is capable of acting similarly to an iPad.

With all the extra bells and whistles one would expect the battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus to drain away but in fact it is even better than the iPhone 6. There are modes on the iPhone 6 to drag the battery life out for a full 2 days but on the Plus you can set it for 3. A whole additional day is a pretty big increase.

Both phones still carry the trademark metal backing which can make the phones difficult to hold and prone to damage from dropping. While the construction itself is high quality, it is still suggested to get a case. The slippery back can be particularly detrimental on the iPhone 6 Plus as a larger screen can often mean a higher likelihood for breakage.

The cameras on both phones leave a bit to be desired. They are both high end and will take good quality photos from either the front or the rear facing camera but they protrude in a bothersome manner. With a protruding camera the phone will not sit flat on surfaces and it is expected that the camera will take a lot of extra impact and will become bumped and scuffed over time.