iPhone 6 Plus Battery Life

How to Retain the Battery

The iPhone 6 Plus has a battery life that claims to offer up to 80 hours of audio, 12 hours of WiFi browsing, and up to 14 hours of video streaming time. Likely, you’ll be able to charge your phone in between doing all of these things, but for those who frequently forget to put their smartphone on a charger, they will appreciate that the 6 Plus has a killer battery life. No one really needs to talk for 80 hours, but if they want to, they certainly are able to chat away for as long as they please. Not only is this phone great for people who like to read a lot and need a larger screen, but its long-lasting battery makes it a good bet for a chatty teenager.

If the battery life isn’t quite long enough for you, there are ways to retain it:

1.) Make sure any apps that are not in use are closed out of. Double click the home button and swipe upwards when the apps pop up to close them.
2.) Make sure the brightness of the screen is turned down whenever possible. If you are out in the sun lounging around by the pool enjoying a nice spring or summer day, you might have the brightness level turned up. But this usually isn’t necessary once indoors, and it can preserve the battery life.
3.) Don’t have it on vibrate when you don’t need to, as this uses up more power than regular ringtones.
4.) Keep WiFi turned off.

These are just some ways to make the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus last a bit longer. Talk away!