The iPhone 6 versus the Samsung S5

Key Similarities and Differences

The iPhone 6 is an absolutely fantastic smartphone. The Samsung S5 is also a force to be reckoned with. If you have the option to buy either one, then you should know how similar the two actually are before making your decision. There are pros and cons to both, and if you are picky with the devices you use daily, then consider the notions outlined below.

What is so great about these devices?
To put it simply: Large screen size, great battery life, matchless camera and robustness. These are key features that they both have in common and people absolutely love.

Now what are some differences?

  • You can fit the iPhone 6 (A1549) in your pocket – the Samsung S5…not so much. The 6 is more compact.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a camera with approximately double the megapixels that the iPhone 6 camera has.
  • The design of the iPhone 6 is said to be better in terms of appearance and quality. Some think the Samsung Galaxy S5 actually has more of a cheaper feel.
  • The Galaxy S5 is waterproof, the iPhone 6 is not. However, it is not recommended that one drops their device in a tub of water either way.
  • In terms of the overall general opinion of the public based off trends, the iPhone models tend to stay popular for approximately 2 years. Samsung devices stay “in style” for a bit longer, usually not slowing down in terms of popularity for about 3 years. So if you are looking to be “in the loop” and have a tendency to follow trends, you might want to consider the Samsung S5.

It is almost uncanny how much the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 have in common, but there are definitely some differences. Talk to your carrier about which would be best for you if you aren’t sold on either quite yet.