Why you should use the original Apple or Samsung charger with your device

With each new device you purchase you’ll find that it always comes with its own specific charger. It may even resemble a charger you already own for other devices. Maybe you’ve lost the original charger and are needing a replacement. One of the big questions is: Is it safe to use chargers besides the one that came with your Apple or Samsung device? The answer is, yes and no.

If you take you and your family’s safety seriously then you should stick with the name brand chargers. While the off brands may charge your phone or tablet there have been serious injuries caused by them and it probably isn’t worth the risk. In fact, several people in Asia actually died from the use of an off brand charger that exploded, and there have been others around the world that have suffered burns from overheating. To help with this misuse Apple has actually begun to build in a safety features that lets you know when the item you are using is a counterfeit.

Alternately, when purchasing a non-Apple or Samsung charger you may not be getting what you bargained for. These chargers are unregulated and are not guaranteed to charge your phone properly. You could end up spending money and going through a whole slew of these chargers before finding one that works as it should. This money would be better spent on the actual original product instead of on a bunch of knock-offs.

Many users will opt for an off brand charger because they can be the cheaper option. While this may be true, the savings are usually fairly insignificant and hardly seem worth the risk. If you can’t afford the actual Apple or Samsung product there are companies that work with them to design compatible products and they can often be found within these companies online stores so that you know they are reputable.

As a last note, it is important to understand that occasionally official chargers can have problems too. While it has been extremely rare, official chargers have overheated, and can be a shock hazard as well. Most of these problems arise when a product has become damaged and shouldn’t be used any longer. If you notice that your charger looks worn, if you can see wires or there seems to be a short, then it’s the opportune time to switch out the old charger for a new one.